The Eyebrow Boutique: winner of the Best Brow Shaping in Los Angeles! Our philosophy is to create an authentic image suitable for each client. Using the latest tools and products we strive to create every clients unique features as nature intended. The art of beauty is creating magic by designing each client’s individuality. Creative blending of shape, size and style of the eyebrows framing one’s face is our experience, and it can be seen through each and every one of our clients.

The Eyebrow Boutique has distinguished the fine line of natural beauty with the top professional stylists and services. Our stylists take regular classes and attend many important events, shows and forums by the leading trainers in the industry to be the best. Being at the cutting edge of beauty technique requires a lifelong commitment. Encompassing all facets of the world of fashion and design we have put together a team of exciting young professionals to lead the way to our desired plateau. With thorough precision, your brow guru, will craft perfectly arched brows that match your face shape and enhance your natural beauty. Afterwards, they’ll slather on nourishing moisturizer to restore hydration, leaving your face radiant and smooth, with not a hair out of place. Full brows might be in, but when they start to block eyesight, it’s time to shape up. Don’t find yourself browbeaten by those furry headaches–Get trim, tidy and enjoy the new, improved you by coming to The Eyebrow Boutique.

Our boutique uses the highest quality and most current products, specializing in the art of eyebrow shaping and threading, cosmetics, hair services, and nail care. Sterilization and cleanliness being a component to our great success also assures your complete satisfaction. The relaxing atmosphere helps create the space and clarity for innovation and creativity. Your experience will be one of high gratification and will help gain your trust in us. Leaving you relaxed and fulfilled, you will be left to brag and recommend us to your friends and neighbors.

- Styler

Meet The Guru

Eyebrows are her specialty, perfection is her obligation, and satisfaction is her guarantee. Lida has the creativity, experience, and brilliance that has been leaving her clients in awe for many years. Her clients’ loyalty makes her a gracious person she comes across like your friend on your first visit. Humility and worldly wisdom makes knowing her comforting and relaxing.

With over 20 years in the know, she has been practicing modern technique of beautification. Her flawless eyebrow artistry and threading has left her advancing in the modern art of permanent cosmetic make up many years ago. Combining old world techniques of threading and modern machines of tattoo, she is always ready to fulfill your beauty needs. Facial hair loss leaves many people with the choice of the wonderful technique of permanent cosmetic tattoo. The presence of permanent make up as ultimately has led to the procedures perfecting facial beauty. Lida’s excellent results collaborating with the latest innovative vendors in the industry speak for themselves, no detail is overlooked, proper recommendations are made, and procedural options are provided with every visit. Genuine care of your beauty has made her a leading industry professional among peers and critics. Her testimonials, vast client roster, and the brilliance of her work speaks for itself.

Lida’s success made her delve into complete hair design and care over a decade ago. She progressed into the latest cuts, color, and highlight techniques leaving her clients breathless with her unlimited talent. Surprising her original clients that knew her as the eyebrow lady with her hair results beyond their wildest imagination, quickly sparked to recreate her new career in hair. Having spent over ten years perfecting her craft, she still comes to work every day with an open mind. Her flexible ways will give you the desired look from partial highlights to multicolor designs. She will frame your face with the best suitable cuts and colors enhancing your personal image.

Her bridal services are unparalleled with taste, design and execution. Timely service and administering staffing makes your bridal experience flawless with our highest commitment to the success of your events. She also offers on site hair and cosmetic make-up application services to the studios, cosmetic surgeons, and movie stars.

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